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w - Instead of establishing self sustaining colonies with...

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Alex Mayer American History 101 9/11/2007 “Is it important for us to learn about Spanish (and other European) colonization in an American history course? Why or why not?” When studying early American history, it is near essential to study the origins of the people who first arrived. For example, the first to arrive were the Spanish. This was in large part due to the lack of involvement in major wars in Europe during the early middle half of the millennium. The interesting thing though is that despite being the first to settle in the new continent, they failed to remain as the major power.
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Unformatted text preview: Instead of establishing self sustaining colonies with sustained agriculture, they concerned themselves more with acquiring gold and silver which ultimately led to their collapse as a major power. In addition, after losing to England in war, they lost control of the seas, which allowed England to step in as a major power. Unlike Spain, English colonists were successful in creating strong colonies that in the end created the United States. Without knowing the background one would fail to understand why the US is currently an English speaking country with British principles…...
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