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Streett 1 Jeremy Streett English 15 Steven Snyder November 26, 2007 Genetic Modification The use of biotechnology in agriculture and the processing of genetically modified crops into food have become a major health and environmental issue in the United States. Opinions are divided between those who believe the new technology will enhance human life and help feed the world's growing population, and those who fear it, considering it an advancement that goes too far. Currently, the research of genetic modification has not crossed the line of morality. For example, “By swapping chunks of DNA on yeast’s genome, researchers have turned one species into another. Their genetic tinkering has not only answered a vexing question about how species form but has shown that it is possible to instantly undo, and thus illuminate, thousands of years of evolutionary change” (Ananthaswamy 1). Research on genetic modification is in fact mostly done with plants, but there still is some research done with animals. In fact, scientists continue to do research on genetic modification and now they are able to modify genes without guessing, it’s a precise science. Genetic modification has primarily been used for plants to produce better crops for harvesting. “In the last couple of decades, there have been many forms of genetic modification, including bigger kernels on corn, thicker wool on sheep or greater speed in horses (Suzuki and Dressel 134).” When someone modifies a gene, they are really modifying parts of the DNA. DNA is a chemical that can store, encode, replicate and
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essay 5 - Streett 1 Jeremy Streett English 15 Steven Snyder...

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