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Hostetter 1 Kyle Hostetter English 15 Steven Snyder October 26, 2006 Love Canal – Alternates to Toxic Waste Disposal Love Canal is a neighborhood in Niagara Falls, New York. The name Love Canal came from the last name of William T. Love, who in the early 1890s envisioned a canal connecting the two levels of Niagara River separated by the Niagara Falls (Beck 1). In 1920, Love's land was sold in public auction to the City of Niagara Falls, which began using the undeveloped area as a landfill for chemical waste disposal from its thriving petrochemical industry (Beck 1). Up until 1953, Hooker Chemical and Plastics Corporation buried 20,000 tons of toxic waste in the area (Love Canal 1). “In 1953, after filling the canal and covering it with dirt, Hooker sold the land to the Board of Education for one dollar. Hooker included in the deed transfer a "warning" of the chemical wastes buried on the property and a disclaimer absolving Hooker of any future liability.” Love Canal is just one of the numerous cases of the misplacement of toxic waste. This disaster placed a heavy burden on the EPA to find a safer way to remove to toxic waste completely from the environment. The neighborhood of Love Canal had an extremely high rate of cancer and an alarming number of birth defects. The government believed the chemicals had been successfully contained within the former landfill (Suzuki and Dressel 96). Since the residents could not prove the chemicals on their property had come from Hooker's disposal site, they could not prove liability. Homeowners continued to be ill throughout
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essay 4 - Hostetter 1 Kyle Hostetter English 15 Steven...

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