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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon pros-and-cons.htm it is a cleaner fuel that reduces carbon dioxide emissions up to 80%. Studies also suggest that lower blends of biodiesel are more fuel efficient, which makes car engines last longer. As oil prices have increased dramatically over the past year, biodiesel is becoming a more appealing alternative because it is cheaper to produce and is more environmentally sound. Algae Fuel: Algae biofuel is carbon neutral; only emits C02 that it absorbs. Growing algae absorbs C02 in the process of photosynthesis. It is a carbon sink. This is why, when algae biofuels are burned and emit some C02, the emission balance is C02 neutral; it emits only C02 it previously absorbed, adding no new C02 into the atmosphere. Because it is carbon neutral in this way, it is a renewable energy source that can be produced and burned for energy sustainably. Algae reproduces very quickly, maximizing biofuel yields. "Algae Biofuels Of The Future". Alternative Energy. 10 Sept. 2008 - "Another good thing about algae is they multiply very fast. They can double their weight many times in a single day." Byproducts of algae biofuel production can be used as fertilizer. Nick Hodge. "Biodiesel Bliss - The Second Coming". Energy and Capital. 2 Apr. 2007 - "fertilizer for other food crops can be produced by using the leftover nutrients that aren’t used to make the biofuel. ..after the necessary oils have been extracted from the algae, we use the byproducts (phosphorus and nitrogen) as fertilizer for the food crops that feed the nation--all while extracting C02 from the air." "But algae-culture holds the further promise of the potential of small-scale localized systems for food production as well as fuel production. There's no quicker way to produce food from sunlight, and the time may soon be coming to many parts of the world where food for humans becomes more
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NotesBioMass -...

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