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Open-ended Questions Petpeaves: #1 if you fail to make a distinction between power and energy. 2. the terminology that surrounds the word efficiency. 3. capacity factor talks about the extent to which you utilize a machine…conceptually different from efficiency. 4. look into exponential growth section 5. what about energy per capita, the amount an individual uses. In developed countries it has leveled off, where as in lesser developed countries its increasing. In developing
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Unformatted text preview: countries like India and china, energy consumption per capita is growing at exponential rate. 6. the greatest vision of expansion of nuclear solar and wind doesn’t come close to meeting growing demand. Ex. Biofuels: this particular topic, using the strength of our agricultural infrastructure, its an exciting topic. Is it completely benign and a winner. (the use of land, truly renewable?, who knows the environmental impact of something that hasn’t been scaled up....
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