Role of the Temple

Role of the Temple - Role of the Temple;...

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Unformatted text preview: Role of the Temple; Theological/Cultural Implications of its Destruction- Connection between earth and heaven- Gods home- Only connection with the divine- Center of all Jewish life- The emphasis on place and the singular place of the Temple in Jerusalem is deeply ingrained in tradition- Rituals of the 1 st and 2 nd temple were highly spectacular and performed as well as mediated by the priesthood in tightly controlled sacred places Rituals - Deuteronomy repeatedly emphasizes the sacrifices were to take place specific within the precincts of the temple in Jerusalem- Located as if under a specific portal at the navel of earth where the scent of sacrifice would reach god- Animals slaughtered at the temple were the only ones considered fit to eat Authority- Due to the important role of the temple, the priests were thus important as well- Only descendents of Aaron were fit to conduct rituals at the temple- Prophets are functionaries of the temple not raving lunatics like the ones in library mall...
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Role of the Temple - Role of the Temple;...

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