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Stat Study Guide Subjects: are the objects that are manipulated, questioned, or observed to obtain data Dichotomous Response: A response that can take on two possible values The four components of an experimental design: The selection of the subjects to be included in the study The specification of the treatments to be compared The specification of the response to be obtained from each subject The specification of the method by which subjects are assigned to treatments. Balanced Study: When an equal number of subjects is assigned to each treatment Assignment: the assignment of subjects to treatments. Skeptics Argument: When an outcome may not be statistically relevant, as certain subjects would have had the same outcome from the treatment, regardless of which one is performed. Null Hypothesis: denoted by the symbol Hsubzero. States that for every subject the two treatments have the same effect on the response. In a hypothesis test, the researcher begins by assuming that the null hypothesis is true.
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Stat Study Guide - Stat Study Guide Subjects are the...

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