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w - they destroyed competition Competition many believed...

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Mayer 1 Alex Mayer Adam Malka American History 102 Section 308 March 6, 2008 Progressivism The progressive movement was largely a response to great industrialization that took place in the late 19 th century into the early 20 th century. Progressives were advocates of workers rights. They saw the new industrial world as oligopoly, controlling all aspects of people’s lives. Some progressives felt that monopolies were threats to the economy as
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Unformatted text preview: they destroyed competition. Competition many believed was necessary for progress and improvement. In response came the trust busting movement, which sought to destroy many of the monopolies. These progressives according to Dawley would best fit into the new internationalism group. Unlike imperialists, the progressives believed in free trade, and competition. They embraced natural economic forces such as Laissez-Faire....
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