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3 idea synthesis

3 idea synthesis - whatsoever My suggestion is the...

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Leon Jang English 2000 – sec 64 Ms. Lei Lani Michel 3 Idea Synthesis In essence the three ideas I used for my essay: Contact Information, Education, Previous Experience, all are similar because they are things that the jobseeker has accomplished. The main point of a resume is to portray oneself in the best light possible in order to interest companies to hire the jobseeker, thus making education and previous experience extremely important in resumes. Contact Information is extremely important as well because if no contact information is provided companies really wanted hire you, they wouldn’t be able to hire you because you didn’t provide any contact information
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Unformatted text preview: whatsoever. My suggestion is the inclusion of a personality inventory/test into the resume. Like the GPA, this could provide for an indication to companies of what kind of people they don’t want. For example, if a company if offering a sales job it would in their best interest to find a person who has outgoing and likes to talk rather than a introverted person who keeps to him/herself. This makes things better for both the jobseeker and the company because even before the jobseeker gets the job, both the jobseeker and the company will know if their personality suits the job environment. g...
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