exam2fall05 - Math 254 Fall 2005(Prof Bayly EXAM 2(10...

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Unformatted text preview: Math 254, Fall 2005 (Prof. Bayly) EXAM 2 (10 October 2005) NAME: Recitation section, day, time, and location: Recitation instructor: There are five (5) problems on this exam, one on each page. They are not worth the same number of points, nor all the same difficulty. Problem 2 is on 2 pages! We recommend you look over the entire exam before beginning to choosing which problem to start with. You are not expected to finish everything, but you should do as much as you can. It is extremely important to show your work and explain your reasoning. If you need additional paper, raise your hand and the proctor will bring you some. NO CALCULATORS ARE PERMITTED ON THIS EXAM! If you obtain a numerical expression you cannot evaluate without a calculator, represent it by a suitable symbol throughout the rest of the problem. The acronym ”DE” will stand for ”differential equation” throughout this exam. Problem (1): Problem (2): Problem (3): Problem (4): Problem (5): ———————————– Whole Exam: (1)(15 points) Find the general solutions of the following differential equations*. Identify the e- folding times of any growing or decaying exponentials. (a)(5 points) y 00 + 5 y + 6 y = 0 (b)(5 points) y 00 + 4 y + 8 y = 0 (c)(5 points) y 00- 6 y + 9 y = 0 * Hint: guess Ce rx . (2)(20 points) In a galaxy far away, where the drinking age is 18, a math professor decides to have a...
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This note was uploaded on 04/29/2008 for the course MATH 254 taught by Professor Indik during the Fall '08 term at Arizona.

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exam2fall05 - Math 254 Fall 2005(Prof Bayly EXAM 2(10...

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