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Leon Jang English 2000 – section 64 Ms. Lei Lani Michel Due date: 16 Jan 2008 Objectives, audience, convey: are the words that I have decided on to describe the purpose of chapter 1. The main purpose of chapter one is to describe and introduce the fact that we are already very familiar with reading in the visual age. However, most of us haven’t realized how we should write in the visual age. The main points covered in this chapter include figuring out your main objective, what you want to communicate. Once that has been figured out audience becomes a big factor in how you communicate your idea. Finally convey, since we live in an age where we have too much information we often turn our attention to things we can personally relate to. Writing/presenting your idea in a certain fashion will make your communication medium more “visible” to the specified “audience” you’re targeting. Out of all the images in chapter one, I feel that the 2
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