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Leon Jang English 2000 Section 64 Ms Lei Lani Michel Machin Summary You now find images everywhere. In magazines, newspapers, billboards, textbooks, all written media usually include an image or two somewhere. These images are often licensed by bigger corporations. One such corporation is Getty Images; this industry earns over 2 billion dollars a year. Originally image banks were rooms full of cabinets which in turn were full of images. Getty images is one of the major companies who created a system where people could find the images they wanted without a lengthy process. Thus allowing people to find the images they wanted at a time-efficient, low- cost method. Their method of a smart search engine has allowed many people to find images at a low cost and time efficient manner.
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Unformatted text preview: The three main aspects that the article touches on are genericity, timelessness, and their low modality. Nowadays photos aren’t only limited to capturing specific unrepeatable moments but can now be used to denote a general stereotype. The timelessness refers to how cultures change in different times. In the past images were reduced to simple icons or symbols but now in such a visual age images can be easily taken an “global vocabulary”. Overall nowadays images lack the “denotative excess”, a typical photograph will only denote to a cultural experience and or significance it has to a person. Because of this most images are increasingly moving toward an emotional truth and away from the naturalistic, empirical truth....
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