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picture search - following keywords in order Advertisement...

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This picture depicts the different ads now presented while searching the World Wide Web. The keyword I decided to use was marketing. I selected this word because it is basically the major that I am currently pursing. Marketing is everywhere nowadays; you will find it on the TV, internet, on the way to work, on your cereal box. The site containing the image was a Search Engine Optimization company. A search engine optimization company basically optimizes a webpage which will allow it to be more easily found by a search engine. I used the
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Unformatted text preview: following keywords in order: Advertisement, Ad, and Marketing. Each browsing about 3-4 pages before switching keywords. After searching a few pages and not finding anything I wanted to use. I went on looking through all the different images and finally concluding with the image presented above. To improve the process of searching web engines could present an auto completer that could suggest possible keywords to assist in searching for specific items. Google.com Image Search > Image Search > Ad Image Search >...
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