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Leon Jang English 2000 – Section 64 Ms. Lei Lani Michel Question 4 Page 285 Response The main difference between the visual appearance of the two articles would be the use of images. The “Cream of the Crop” article uses graphs, large images, and sectional dividers to guide the reader to specific points that the writer felt was important to the topic of which ice cream was the best. However, Shostak’s article has one image of a man with a smirk and a simple two-columned body. Due to the fact that the “Cream of the Crop” article was meant to compare many different ice cream brands and flavors, the many section titles help focus the reader’s attention without confusing them with a bombardment of information. The use of tables and graphs allow a quick overview of all the different ice creams that were tested. This allows the reader to quickly skim through the article and to determine the main point of
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Unformatted text preview: the article without too much reading. By doing this, it shows that the main purpose of the article was not to make the reader think about why one ice cream was better than the other, but to show their results of which ice cream their panel of judges felt was the best. Because of the lack of large images and lack of categorical dividers, it shows that Shostaks article was meant to be read. The image of the man with the smirk helps the reader into the mindset that this article is inform you of an irony. The lack of large illustrious images encourages the reader to think about the subject without a predisposing image to influence the readers thought process. All in all, the use of images and sectional titles allow readers to determine whether or not they will need to think analytically about a certain subject....
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