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Leon Jang English 2000-64 Ms. Lei Lani Michel Resume article summary In the modern age, Resumes are first sorted through the unforgiving anonymous computers. Most resumes are never even seen by human eyes, thus making it easier for the employer to hire a worker. Thus tech-savvy people who understand the system have a greater chance of having their resume read by human eyes. This article addresses the different ways that will increase your chances of escaping the computer’s claws. First, you must ensure that your resume is readable, no fancy fonts, just a plain ASCII font so the computer doesn’t junk it without further review. Also if you don’t add on the tag to the subject’s email that the employer specifies that could be another reason as to why it will never reach human eyes. Also make sure your email doesn’t get sent to the junk folder, so to be sure always send out your resume to yourself first. These are
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Unformatted text preview: simple precautions one can take to ensure that your resume won’t get scrapped without further discussion. In order to pass the computer’s “test”, Karen Hofferber (a senior resume writer at suggests that you take a few days to do some research on an online job board to find common lingo, acronyms that people use in order to increase your “visibility” of your resume to your employer. As to job titles you want to be clear and concise and definitely not ambiguous. For example if you were an “Account Executive” you could write “Account Executive, Sales Division” instead thus making it more clear where and what you did. After submitting your resume is to be sure to update your resume often, thus allowing your resume to “reach the top of the stack” so to speak....
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