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Career Reception Alternative Assignment

Career Reception Alternative Assignment - • Tell me...

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Below you will find the instructions for the Career Reception Alternative Assignment. The assignment must be done in a Word Document and sent via email as attachment to either instructor. ( we will probably change to our names) If you are using MAC computer, make sure you save it appropriately so I can open your document. Make sure you title your document with your name, date, assignment, and section number. Follow the standard guidelines for heading a document. The paper must be one page. This assignment is due Tuesday, February 2nd by 10:30am via email. I will not accept the assignment after 10:30am on Tuesday. Research a company where you would like to work based on your major. I understand this may change before you graduate, but for now where would like to work.
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Unformatted text preview: • Tell me something about that company based on the information on the website. Things like….how many people do they employ, where the company’s headquarters is located, what is the company’s mission or goals. Please provide me with the website for the company. Include the company’s logo and any meaning. Please explain in detail important/interesting things about the company. • Tell me why you would like to work for that company. Please explain in detail. • Tell me how to you plan to get a job with the company. What are your goals? Do they offer internships? You may have to call a recruiter and ask questions....
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