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VALUES Rating Satisfactions Rate the degree of importance that you would assign to each of the following values for yourself, using the scale below: 1. Very important in my choice of career 2. Reasonably important 3. Not very important 4. Not important at all __3 __ Help Society: Do something to contribute to the betterment of the world in which I live. __3 __ Help Others: Be involved in helping other people in a direct way, either individually or in small groups. __2 __ Public Contact: Have a lot of day-to-day contact with people. __1 __ Work with Others: Have close working relationships with a group; work as a team toward common goals. __2 __ Affiliation: Be recognized as a member of a particular organization. __2 __ Friendships: Develop close personal relationships with people as a result of my work activities. __1 __ Make Decisions: Have the power to decide courses of action, policies, etc. __1 __ Work Under Pressure: Work in situations where time pressure is prevalent and/or the quality of my work is judged critically by supervisors. __1 __ Power and Authority: Control the work activities or (partially) the destinies of other people. __1 __ Influence People: Be in a position to change attitudes or opinions of other people. __3 __ Work Alone: Do projects by myself, without any significant amount of contact with others. __2 __ Knowledge: Engage myself in the pursuit of knowledge, truth and understanding. __1 __ Intellectual Status: Be regarded as a person of high intellectual powers or as one who is an acknowledged “expert” in a given field. __3 __ Artistic Creativity: Engage in creative work in any of several art forms. 1
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__1 __ Creativity (general): Create new ideas, programs, organizational structures or anything else not following a format previously developed by others. __1 __ Aesthetics: Be involved in studying or appreciating the beauty of things, ideas, etc. __2 __ Supervision: Have a career in which I am directly responsible for the work done by others. __3
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Strong_Interest_Inventory_Value_and_Skills_Assignment_s09 -...

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