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Attachment 10-26

Attachment 10-26 - Attachment 10-26 o Attachment a strong...

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Attachment 10-26 o Attachment – a strong affectional bond with special others that endures over time. o Theoretical roots of attachment o Evolutionary psychology – infants are motivated to seek out the attention / proximity of adults, especially when hurt or scared. (adults motivated to provide that care) Neotenous features – physical features that are present in the young of a species not there in the adult of the species. o Psychoanalytic orientation – early experiences with caregivers lead to formation of “working models” Bowlby – significant risk of psychopathology later in life should attachment be inconsistent or less than satisfactory. o Behaviorist – Hull’s drive reduction model Mother satisfies baby’s hunger drive; she becomes a learned drive (repeated pairing with satiation Grow too attached to mom because every time you are with her, you will be satiated.
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