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Attribution [[Final: Dec 13 10-12]] o Errors of Attribution o We tend to make dispositional attributions o Fundamental attribution error – misjudging causes of others’ behavior – overestimating internal personal factors and underestimating external situational influences. Role of perceptual salience I fundamental attribution error Person more obvious than situation o Self-serving Bias – taking credit for our successes and externalizing our failures. o Prejudice and Discrimination o Prejudice – an attitude, usually negative, toward members of some group, based solely on membership in that group. o Discrimination – negative actions toward groups that are targets of prejudice. o Prejudice is a negative attitude; discrimination is a negative behavior Prejudice > perception Discrimination > action o As prejudice is a particular kind of attitude, we can draw two implications: Prejudices act as a kind of schema – process information differently Ignore “exceptions”
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Unformatted text preview: Prejudices can be implicit – can be triggered by simple exposure to group. Sources of prejudice – brain is lazy will only put the minimum amount effort Prejudices and stereotypes save cognitive effort. Allport – stereotyping is “the law of least effort” Evolution: maybe • Genetically different others are feared • Take care of relatives first. Skin color and other racial features say belong to same kin. Social learning view- prejudice is acquired through direct observation and internalization of social norms. • Socialization – process by which children learn conventional rules of their surroundings. Mechanisms: o Children maybe simply imitate prejudices of adults and friends o Children maybe positively reinforced for using derogatory racial humor o They maybe simply learn to associate particular minority groups with poverty, crime, dirtiness, and other negative characteristics. o...
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