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Eating Disorders 11-12

Eating Disorders 11-12 - Eating Disorders o Biological...

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Eating Disorders: o . Biological – higher levels of serotonin / genetic predisposition Social – professions / sports / cultural values / family influences Western cultures value thinness Psychological / emotional – personality / major life events / powerlessness o Often perfectionist girls, seek the approval of other people, tend to think in blank and white perspective no gray… Sexual abuse / physical abuse could trigger an eating disorder Trying to get back a sense of power by not eating because pretty much all they can control is what they can eat. (must go to school, listen to what parents say, etc) o Bulimia nervosa – binge and purge Seeing a rise in exercise bulimia Often maintain normal body weight Teeth tend to have a gray More likely to rupture esophagus Vomit blood Excessive use of breath mints Cuts and abrasions on knuckles o Emotions o Robert Plutchik proposed 8 basic emotions: fear, surprise, sadness, disgust, anger, anticipation, joy, and acceptance.
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