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Theories on Intelligence

Theories on Intelligence - Theories on Intelligence o What...

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Theories on Intelligence o What does Intelligence mean o General capacity to profit from experience, acquire knowledge and adapt to changes in the environment. o Theories o Spearman’s Two-Factor Theory General intelligence factor; g Intelligence test scores also included measurement error and s- specific factor related to tests o R.B. Cattell and Fluid vs Crystallized Intelligence – different aspects of g Fluid Intelligence- ability to see relationships – it reflects an inherent capacity to learn To connect a new concept to something you already know Crystallized intelligence – store of knowledge Stuff you already know Two aspects highly related o Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence Dissatisfied with traditional IQ tests Say only tested math / verbal ability Says there were 6 more that were considered o Linguistic o Logical – mathematical o Spatial (ability to navigate in 3 dimensions) Men will tend to have more spatial intelligence then women o Musical – ability to perceive to create pitch and rhythm.
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