ChinesePoems - a wide variety of themes interwoven in the...

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David Alan Devor October 15, 2006 Dr. Stolz – Hon 101 Book of Songs As I was reading the ancient Chinese songs or poems, I was immediately reminded of the ancient Egyptian poetry that we read before. I was very impressed with the Egyptian poetry, and was equally impressed with the Chinese poetry. They both seemed to be very modern in the way they were presented, and all the words were meaningful. Whenever I think about ancient cultures composing literature, I never think of the literature being so eloquent, or so deeply moving. Song number 56 reads, “…If along the highroad I caught hold of your hand, Do not be angry with me; Friendship takes time to overcome” (Norton 539). This song was written from the heart. A song that was written three-thousand years ago was written in such away that it still touches its reader. There is
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Unformatted text preview: a wide variety of themes interwoven in the songs. There are songs of love, nature, and life. These poems are a living illustration of the ancient Chinese culture. The Chinese obviously saw love as an important attribute to life. They respected nature, and considered it a beautiful reality. The Egyptian poems showed there culture as more lustful, than loving. However, these Chinese poems are different. They arent necessarily about sex, or lustful passions, but about true love and feeling of the heart. I love reading ancient literature. Whether its adventure stories such as Gilgamesh or The Odyssey , or ancient Egyptian and Chinese love poems, they all have such meaning and are open doors to the cultures they cam from....
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ChinesePoems - a wide variety of themes interwoven in the...

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