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phil essay 1 study - In the paper you should retrace his...

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In the paper you should retrace his steps Why does descartes undertake to doubt everything He is uncertain of everything Want to establish certainty < just half the answer Wants to have a strong foundation What certainty means to him Some ground that is unshakable. Always the same. An origin of kind of which u can build upon Seems to lack foundation Wants to find certainty through doubt < negative way of finding certainty i. Keep doubting until you can find something certain ii. Keep doubting until he can find something he can’t doubt Go through skepticism Page 13 How does he doubt the senses Dreams > experiences in his dreams His dreams are false Dreams are trying to convince him something real He can’t tell the difference between dream and real life He cannot be sure 100% The whole steps of madness i. I would be mad if I would be doubt my senses ii. Discussing with himself 1. One is trying to push the doubt 2. Other one is trying to resist doubt
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iii. Resist guy says he cannot doubt the senses that would be madness iv. Push doubt guy says maybe he is mad 1. Dreams can be like madness 2. Dreams are even crazier things than mad people think 3. I am mad you are right 4. I am mad in my dreams v. Not doubt says he cannot doubt his obvious senses cannot doubt that he is sitting here blahblbha vi. Page 14 Intellect Bottom of 15-16 He could be getting deceived by god i. He isn’t pursuing this because god cannot be evil ii. People might persecute him iii. The notion of a deceiving god might denote a evil god iv. God is suppose to be all benevolent He is an evil genius i. He is like god but he can be evil ii. That evil genius can deceive him That argument of the evil genius seems a little crazy and farfetched The philosophical valid claim behind this evil genius argument i. Strength of his claim ii. He has to rely on something exterior
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phil essay 1 study - In the paper you should retrace his...

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