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rnr 1001 - Resource Problems quantity, quality,...

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Unformatted text preview: Resource Problems quantity, quality, productivity (can be broken down into 3 things) Resource Scarcity 2 types Absolute resource scarcity coal, oil Need to be the most efficient when dealing with this Need to recycle as much as possible Need use more alternatives Relative resource scarcity o Rain water try to recapture water as much as possible o Efficiency o Recycle o Urban planning? Need to have people stop moving to desert o Dont have desalination technology to support these populations Quality of water o Non point source - sewage Usually just open the valves but thats not good Not sure where its coming from o Point source Knows where the pollution is coming from Thermal Pollution o Dump hot water lakes Population Growth o Increasing exponentially o Earlier population have kids then population will be higher faster o Infant mortality rates also o Average life span is increasing o This is called the J-curve o The rate of growth is proportional to the state of growth o Watching population doubling time 70/annual percentage growth rate Mathematical reason o If adding 77 million (this is growth) 216,000 per day 2.5 people per second Need to consider : undernourished people sanitation water resources irrigation World illiteracy o What a family eats during a week Italy - $260.11 Germany 500.57 USA 341.98 Mexico 189.09 Poland $151.27 Egypt 68.53 Equador 31.55 Bhutan 5.03 (13 people) Chad 1.23 o Demographic Divide Oct 1 Exam 1 Change Date 9-10-08 World Conservation o Countries classified as developed (~35 countries) developing (~152 countries) developed (~49 countries) Economically o Developing - in the mist of developing economy. Obtaining wealth o Least developed are really pinched with growing population, poor soil, few resources. o GNI Gross National Income (GDP + income from other countries) o Human resource problems health and education Illiteracy is one of the highest problems Health problems like dyssentary, HIV, malaria o Economic vulnerability Debt, economic instability o Human development index (HDI) How much of your national income is invested in education and healthcare o All of these need a lot of money so the least developed and developing have a hard time o Overpopulation based resource degradation In developing and least developing countries Too many people Per person use is little but so many people that the resource degradation Deforestation Not a lot of roads in order to develop a forest industry A lot of developing countries have no choice but to let multinational companies take the forests away for a lump sum....
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rnr 1001 - Resource Problems quantity, quality,...

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