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Christopher Evans Psych Disc 119 Assignment #1  1/28/07 Thus far my only impressions concerning psychology have been based on what I’ve  learned through biology and the connection to neural activity and my interaction with the people  in my life. On this level I have found that psych really revolves around what people do and why  they do it. The only other ideas I have about psych have come from my mother, who got a  masters in psych, where she always told me why I do the things I do. So when I did something  emotional or irrational she would make it a part of my talk with her after to try to find out the  reason for my actions and through understanding, make adjustments to correct the behavior. 
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Unformatted text preview: One other activity that I take part in which I believe has taught me a lot about reaction and the reason for it is poker. They always take about being inside of the other players heads and to me that means knowing why they act the way they do, a huge part of psychology. Since poker is one of my passions, maybe a section on why people have nervous ticks and what could be done to adjust or read the body language that people put out. With all different parts on a person’s social life, if you know what the other person is thinking or feeling, it is a lot easier to approach and deal with them in the appropriate manner....
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