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Christopher Evans Psych !: Friday 10 AM section Behavior and Full moons 2/25/07 I do not believe that the full moon had any really affect on the behavior of humans or that the lunar cycle has a direct affect on any type of behavioral cycles in human emotion. In order to test that there is no direct affect of a full moon on the mental activity of people, a carefully controlled experiment needs to be conducted. This would rule out any different factors that may play into how emotion or thought is altered. One type of setting that this could be carried out with is by collecting a group of volunteers randomly who fit various backgrounds. Now before the experiment you ask them a series of questions in order to gain the general perception of the mental behavior of the subject. Then conduct
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Unformatted text preview: that same series of questioning after exposing them to a variety of different slides of the full moon. This would test if the sight of the full moon has any real affect on their disposition. This could be further studied by measuring brain activity and whether the sight or mention of the moon has any specific mental affect on the human mind. Another option is taking an analysis of a different groups throughout the lunar cycle and showing if there is any drastic differences on the days where there are full moons. The key to both of these methods of data collection is maintaining a controlled environment in order to make sure that the only thing having any affect is the presence of the full moon....
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