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psych assignment 5

psych assignment 5 - and laughing Thus as it is defined in...

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Christopher Evans Psych1 (GSI: Psyche) Assignment: Chptr 4 Assignment 3/4/07 The advertisement i found that I think utilizes the idea of classical learning was a  commercial for fast food. In this commercial they showed this steamy plate of chicken and other  various items and then panned away to a family that is smiling and sitting around the table  eating the food. They make sure to demonstrate the idea of happiness and family along with the  quality of the food they are trying to market. I thought that this type of advertisement from the wonderful folks at KFC made use of the  tools of classical learning by introducing a stimulus to the view, the sight of the deliciously  fattening chicken and potatoes, and associating it with the sight of happiness, the family talking 
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Unformatted text preview: and laughing. Thus, as it is defined in classical conditioning, there is a stimulus to stimulus association created between seeing laughing and smiling and seeing good food. Thus this sight of the food and family are conditioned stimuli in order to arouse a response. The response for seeing food is becoming hungry or gaining an appetite and the response from seeing smiling is to smile. These are both unconditioned responses to everyday unconditioned stimuli. But as these are shown in conjunction to elicit happiness from seeing food, it becomes a conditioned response to a conditioned stimuli(to viewing of the commercial.)...
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