Ramayana - everyone…” This doesn’t sound like 3000...

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David Alan Devor September 18, 2006 Honors 101 Dr. Stolz India’s Heroic and Classical Ages I enjoyed the Indian reading, because it applied to me today and to modern day thinking. How can something so old be so relative? I enjoyed reading hymns from the “Rig Veda,” and was very impressed with the “Ramayana.” Both have lessons that we still carry with us today. The “Ramayana” is still considered an important story in many cultures, just as the bible is to our culture. I really enjoyed reading the hymns excerpted from the “Rig Veda,” and I found there description and tone used to describe the sun were very similar to the Egyptian poetry that we have already read. They seem to be about the same time period as the Egyptian poetry. The “Rig Veda” is dated at 1000 BCE, and the Egyptian poems were dated at about 1200 BCE. I also found that they were translated well, and I found them easy to understand. One sentence from the hymn says, “The constellations, along with the nights, steal away like thieves, making way for the sun who gazes on
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Unformatted text preview: everyone…” This doesn’t sound like 3000 year old poetry, which is why I like it. The Indians looked at Ramayana as a “model” person, or someone everyone should strive to be like. We look at Jesus as a perfect human being, and he serves as our “model.” I really admired his humbleness; especially the fact that he remained in exile out of respect for his father. This also reminded me of the biblical story of King David. David lived in the wild and in caves, because God told him to. Even though he could have went and killed Kind Saul at anytime and taken the throne. I really enjoyed the Ramayana, and the fact that it is still praised for its brilliancy proves that it is a profound piece of literature. I think that everyone should study these ancient stories, and pieces of literature. I really enjoyed them. However, I did find the Ramayana hard to understand and take in at times. Maybe there is a better translation of the poems in existence....
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Ramayana - everyone…” This doesn’t sound like 3000...

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