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Unformatted text preview: Christopher Evans Psych 1 Assignment: Synesthesia 3/18/07 As we have discussed during section, synesthesia is when two types of senses become somewhat connected or somehow mixed up when the mind perceives them. There is a common association between a sense like sound, smell, or sight which ends up creating a particular interpretation of the stimulus. Thus one can say then that there is an unnatural associated between two like sense or in some cases two types of stimuli within the same sense (for example the coloring of specific words/letters). Because both of chapters 7 and 8 are focused primarily on the senses and the way in which the mind interprets the outside world, this type of anomaly is highly relevant to the subject matter. When we learn more about what parts of the brain are responsible for particular sensory information, then this can give us a greater insight concerning why certain sensory details...
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