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edu midterm - when standards are set to high...

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Giftedness- Renzulli’s trimodal definition 1. Superior intellectual ability (2 standard deviations or more)= 130 + 2. High level of task commitment 3. Creativity Criteria to identify: - Portfolios of student’s work - Classroom observations - IQ - Achievement measures Savants = perform exceptionally well in one field of learning ex. Autistic savants perform exceptional abilities in one area Characteristics: -learn quickly, deeply, broadly - learn to read early and have a large vocabulary -higher reasoning ability, creative -curious, excellent memory, master concepts with few repetitions Concerns: -question authority -perfectionist -emotionally and physically sensitive -prefer company of older adults due to maturity, vocabulary and comprehension level etc. Some are hypersensitive- sensory over load while others can tune out all distractions May be gifted in some areas and have learning disabilities in other areas Isolation, try to dumb themselves down and gain peer acceptance
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Unformatted text preview: when standards are set to high Accommodate:-Avoid labels -Give more advanced work-Independent projects -Real life problems -Self discovery and guided exploration -If bored they can be disruptive and challenging ADHD-diagnosed around 5, more boys then girls, neurological disorder 3 types: 1) combinded 2)hyperactive- impulsive- fidgets, blirts out answers, not patient 3) innatentive- easily distracted and forgetfull Neuropsychological assesment:-Academic achievement, intellectual potential, emotional personality and behavior scales observations Inclusion:-Use peer attention -Response cost= penalties for innapropiate behaviors -Direct contigency management= positive reinforcement of academic and social behavior -Behoavioral contract with parents, teachers and school -Token economy -Use school, parents, medication and therapy (multimodal approach) Autism and Aspergers-impaired social interaction, communication, restricted repetitive behavior...
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edu midterm - when standards are set to high...

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