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Masnari/Escuti/Brickley ECE200 – Fall 200 8 – Homework 2 Resistors and Basic Circuits Page 1 of 10 1. [12 pts total, 2 pts each circuit each part] Consider the following resistive networks. a. Identify the short-circuited resistors (if any). b. Identify the combinations of parallel resistors (if any). c. Identify the combinations of series resistors (if any). Circuit 1 Circuit 2 a) Short-circuited resistors: Circuit 1: none Circuit 2: R2 b) Parallel Resistors: Circuit 1: R2//R4, R3//R7, & R5//R6//R1 Circuit 2: R1//R3 c) Series Resistors: Circuit 1: none Circuit 2: R7&R9 R9
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