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PSYCH EXTRA CREDITT.wps - fight for the mothers affection...

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-1 Psych Extra Credit The video on Sigmund Freud tells about his life as a child and about his adult life. He was a very unique man who was known for his belief that sexual desire was the primary reason for any sort of psychological problem. It seems odd to me that for someone who experienced sexual experiences later in life that he had so much to say on the topic in the early years of his research. Freud was a very educated man who published many pieces of writing that today are still regarded as very important information in research. Sigmund Freud did a self analysis which at that time and even today is an odd thing to do. To study ones self as in-depth as Freud did was something incredible. He analyzed his own dreams and his desires. This continued for about four years. I think its really odd because he realizes that as a young child/ adult he had sexual feelings towards his own mother. He found that often times when this is the case, the father tends to resent the child because they often
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Unformatted text preview: fight for the mothers affection. Freud had a very unique group of followers that were all Jewish with the exception of one. Carl Jung was the only non-Jewish follower that he had. They were friends for many years and he greatly relied on his opinion. Freud had a thing where if he was in the presence of a male colleague that was successful in their field, he would often faint. This happened several times with Jung. After many years there was a conflict of interest with the two men when it came to religion. This affected their friendship and they never spoke again. Freud was a very influential man in his time even though many did not realize it and chose to not believe in what he wrote about. He believed that personality is developed by a person’s childhood experiences. I agree with this to a certain point and after that I think it is more genes and just the environment in which you grow up....
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PSYCH EXTRA CREDITT.wps - fight for the mothers affection...

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