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Homework3_brg_dsgn_F07 - is at bottom dead center Design...

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Homework #3 Name_________________________ Design the connecting rod bearing for the Grand Prix engine discussed in class. The specs are: Engine capacity = 3500 cc Max engine speed = 15,000 rpm Piston diameter = 86mm Engine stroke = 50.2 mm Piston weight = 24.3 oz = 0.69 Kg Maximum cylinder pressure = 1000 psi = 7x10 6 Pa Maximum inertia force = 2300 lbs Operating temperature = 93 º C Lubricant = SAE 30 Assume that the maximum pressure load is at top dead center and the maximum centrifugal force
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Unformatted text preview: is at bottom dead center. Design for minimum friction coefficient and limit the minimum film thickness to 2.5 μm. Use SI units. Find: 1. diameter 2. width 3. clearance 4. minimum film thickness 5. eccentricity ratio 6. friction coefficient 7. lubricant flow rate 8. side flow percentage 9. maximum film pressure 10. location of the maximum film pressure and the terminating pressure...
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