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HW#2 Bearing Design Name____________________ (a) Calculate and plot the minimum film thickness (mm) and the frictional power consumed (Hp) for a single hydrodynamic bearing with the following geometry: 50 mm diameter, 50 mm long bearing with a radial clearance of 0.1 mm. The lubricant is SAE 30 oil supplied at 65 C. Engine speed range from 1000 to 6000 rpm. The radial load on the bearing is 1000 N. Use the Sommerfeld number and the charts to find the film thickness and friction. (b) In addition, compare the results from (a) to that of the flat bearing approximation at 3000
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Unformatted text preview: rpm. This geometry is similar to the HW#1 but the minimum film thickness will not be the same because of the load. Use the value of h 0 from the chart solution for part (a) to calculate the load capacity and the frictional power . Make this homework a mini-report with typed equations, explanations of the results and computer generated plots in the text. You will be graded on the technical part of the work and not the report format. The rationale is to set expectations for future reports....
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