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Homework Rolling element bearing design An 02-Series ball bearing is to be selected to carry a radial load of 8 KN and a thrust load of 4 KN. The L 10 life is to be 5000 hours with the inner race rotating at 900 rpm. What basic load rating should be used in selecting a bearing and what size should be selected (see Table 11-2).
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Unformatted text preview: Fe= X Fr +Y Fz Guess X = .56, Y = 1.5 Fe = 10.5 KN L10 = 270x106 cycles F = 67.9 KN Pick 80 mm bore bearing C10 = 70.2, C0 = 45 X = 0.56, Y = 1.55 Fe = 10.7 at the life desired = 69.2 < 70.2 for the 80 mm bore bearing so that is the one selected...
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