Anat Fall 2007 Exam 3

Anat Fall 2007 Exam 3 - Biol 71 Human Anatomy Exam 3 19...

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Unformatted text preview: Biol 71 Human Anatomy Exam 3, 19 November, 2007 Exam ends at 12.15 A.M. 50 questions (5 points each) Select the single best answer for each question, using the list of options provided . 1. Which part of the brain processes auditory information? a. Epithalamus b. Cerebellum c. Midbrain d. Medulla oblongata e. Hypothalamus 2. Where in the integument would you find anchoring fibrils? a. Stratum corneum b. Epidermal-dermal junction c. Reticular layer d. Hypodermis e. Keratinocytes 3. Which of the following is not a dural sinus? a. Left occipital b. Straight c. Right transverse d. Superior sagittal e. Petrosal 4. Which leukocyte has a “moth-eaten” nucleus? a. Monocyte b. Lymphocyte c. Neutrophil d. Eosinophil e. Basophil 5. The inferior mesenteric vein empties into: a. the liver b. the spleen c. the splenic vein d. the superior mesenteric vein e. the hepatic vein 6. The right coronary artery divides into: a. marginal and anterior interventricular branches b. marginal and posterior interventricular branches c. circumflex and posterior interventricular branches d. circumflex and anterior interventricular branches e. anterior and posterior interventricular branches 7. Which structure is not part of the diencephalon? a. Pineal gland b. Hypophysis c. Hypothalamus d. Subthalamus e. Epithalamus 8. Where are the bundle branches? a. Sinoatrial node b. Ventricular walls c. Atria d. Interventricular septum e. Coronary sulcus 9. Which artery supplies blood to the descending colon? a. Ileocolic b. Right gastric c. Left gastric d. Left colic e. Middle colic 10. Which artery is the source of the arteries that supply blood to the majority of the small intestine? a. Inferior mesenteric b. Celiac trunk c. Ileocecal d. Common hepatic e. Superior mesenteric 11. Blood from the cavernous sinus drains through which structure to reach the internal jugular vein?11....
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Anat Fall 2007 Exam 3 - Biol 71 Human Anatomy Exam 3 19...

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