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Due: January 16, 2009 MAE 112 Winter 2009 Homework Assignment #1 1. (a) Calculate AF at stoichiometric condition (AF st ) for methyl alcohol CH 3 OH (aka methanol) burning in air. AF is the ratio of mass flow of air to mass flow of fuel. Also, calculate FA = 1/ AF for the same condition. (b) Calculate AF and = AF st / AF = FA/ FA st for methyl alcohol and 45% excess air. 2. Calculate theoretical (ideal, i.e., without dissociation) flame temperature for methane CH 4 initially at 537 º R with 35% excess air at constant pressure. See tables on Pages 42, 43, and 693 of the text. Pressure is constant at 10 atm. 3. Calculate theoretical (ideal) flame temperature for methane in stoichiometric ratio with enriched air (50% O 2 , 50% N 2 by volume). Pressure is constant at 8 atm. 4. H 2 O exists as the major product of combustion for hydrogen and oxygen originally in stoichiometric proportions with no other gas present. Find the fraction of products dissociated to H 2 and O 2 in each of the following conditions for the
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