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MAE112HW4 - Due February 6 2009 MAE 112 Homework...

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1 Due: February 6, 2009 MAE 112 Homework Assignment #4 1. Do Problem 18, Pages 214-5, Hill & Peterson. Note that specific thrust is defined as thrust per unit mass flow of air. It is used to normalize and to be able to compare engines of different sizes against each other. 2. Do a preliminary design on a ramjet engine which produces 10,000 1bf of thrust. Size constraints limit the intake cross-sectional capture area to 1.25 square feet. The engine is intended to cruise at a Mach number of 2.5. Assume ambient air conditions are one atmosphere of pressure and 500 R. Indicate clearly your choices of inlet type, fuel, temperature at entrance to nozzle, and extent of expansion in nozzle. All choices must be rational and defensible, of course. Indicate mass flows of air and fuel, mixture ratio(s), thrust specific fuel consumption, exhaust velocity, stagnation pressure ratios across each component, throat area, nozzle exit area, and nozzle exit pressure.
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