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MAE112, Winter 2009 Schedule Class meets Tuesday & Thursday (ET 204), 2 – 3:20 pm, and Wednesday (ICF 103), 2-3:50 pm. Tuesday and Thursday classes will usually be lectures and Wednesday classes will usually be discussion sessions. The exceptions include two exams on Wednesdays. Also, a lecture class will be held on the first Wednesday. See the dates in bold print below for the 29 hours of lectures. The exam days are in bold italic print. Discussion sessions will normally involve TA-led problem solving and discussion. The 17 hours of discussion classes are indicated below in normal font. Jan. 6, Tuesday, first class Jan. 7, Wednesday Jan. 8, Thursday Jan. 13, Tuesday Jan. 14, Wednesday Jan. 15, Thursday Jan. 20, Tuesday Jan. 21, Wednesday Jan. 22, Thursday Jan. 27, Tuesday Jan. 28, Wednesday Jan. 29, Thursday Feb. 3, Tuesday Feb. 4, Wednesday Feb. 5, Thursday Feb. 10, Tuesday Feb. 11, Wednesday, Exam Feb. 12, Thursday
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Unformatted text preview: Feb. 17, Tuesday Feb. 18, Wednesday Feb. 19, Thursday Feb. 24, Tuesday Feb. 25, Wednesday February 26, Thursday March 3, Tuesday March 4, Wednesday March 5, Thursday March 10, Tuesday March 11, Wednesday, Exam March 12, Thursday March 19, Thursday, 1:30-3:30 pm, Final Exam Homework assignments with due dates will be posted at the EEE web site. Homework exercises will be assigned almost every week in the quarter. With the exception of design problems, students will be given full credit for homework if serious attempts at completion are made and the homework is submitted on time. Design problems will have points deducted if poor design decisions or errors are made. The TA will discuss the problem solution methods in the discussion class after the work is submitted. Office Hours Instructor: W. A. Sirignano, EG 3202, Monday & Thursday, 9-10am. TA: S. Dabiri, EG 3101, Tuesday, 3:30 – 4:30 pm, and Friday, 2-3 pm....
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