project - MAE146: Astronautics – Design Project Assigned:...

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Unformatted text preview: MAE146: Astronautics – Design Project Assigned: Saturday, February 7 th , 2009 ; Due date: Friday, March 13 th , 2009. Project Overview Asteroids provide a unique way to look in the early history of the solar system. In particular asteroid composition allows us to validate theories about the formation of the solar system. The recent Deep impact mission that analyzed the plume of materials ejected after impact of a probe on an asteroid, the Hyabusa mission that supposedly took a sample of the asteroid Itokawa are example of missions motivated by this goal. This project aims at performing a preliminary design a mission to the Neptune Trojan asteroids, a group of asteroids 60 o is advance of Neptune, as shown in Figure 1. These asteroids have only been observed since 2001 and only 6are known, even though they are believed to be numerous. Your work shall be summarized in a type report that will justify your design and describe the analysis that you preformed to backup your design choices. (a) (b) Figure 1: (a) Picture of inner planets orbits with asteroids and comets and Jupiter Trojans and Greeks. (b) Sample orbit of one of Neptune Trojans (2006 RJ103). Mission Objectives The mission objective consists of analyzing the structure and composition of one Neptune Trojan asteroid and allow a better estimate of their numbers. Mission Requirements The space agency funding the mission would like to minimize both risks and imposed addition constraints on the mission: • A maximum mission duration of 10 years is required with a desired stay of at least 1 year at the target body...
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project - MAE146: Astronautics – Design Project Assigned:...

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