Topic_outline - Topic list and Examinations MAE 146 Astronautics — Winter Quarter 2009 1 Modeling Gravitational force and potential Reference

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Unformatted text preview: Topic list and Examinations MAE 146: Astronautics — Winter Quarter 2009 1. Modeling Gravitational force and potential. Reference systems. Static atmospheric model. Apparent motion of the sky. Design project handed out within the first 2 weeks of instructions. 2. Rocketry Rocket equations of motion, multi-staging. Survey of propulsion systems. 3. Orbital Mechanics Laws of Kepler and Newton, solar-system geometry, conic sections, N-body problem, 2-body problem, orbit in space, vernal equinox, orbital elements, canonical units, eccentric motion, and escape velocity. 4. Orbital Transfers Hohmann transfer, position and velocity as a function of time, rendezvous and relative velocity, inclination change, effects of earth oblateness, low thrust transfers, decay lifetime. 5. Interplanetary Trajectories Spheres of influence, launch windows, planetary flybys, planetary capture, patched conics, hyperbolic...
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