HW5.1_solutions - CURGPA = NHP/NCC CUMGPA = (OHP +...

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Ch. 5, Problem 2 Program mulquo Integer num1, num2, prod, quo, remain *prompt user to input values print*, 'enter two three-digit integers' read*, num1, num2 *carry out calculations to be printed to user prod = num1*num2 IF (num1 .LT. num2) THEN quo = 0 remain = 0 ELSE quo = num1 / num2 remain = num1 - quo*num2 ENDIF *print out formatted answers to user print 10, num1, quo, 'R', remain 10 format(1X,I6,I23,A3,I2) print 20, 'X', num2, '----' 20 format (1X, A1, I5, A24) print 30, '------', num2, ')', num1 30 format (1X, A6, I17, A2, I4) print '(I8)', prod END ----------------------------------------- Ch. 5, Problem 6 Program gpa Integer SNUMB CHARACTER A,B,C,D REAL OHP,OCC,OGPA,NHP,C1,G1,C2,G2,C3,G3,C4,G4,NCC,CURGPA,CUMGPA *open file containing student data and read from it OPEN (UNIT = 12, FILE = 'txt.f') READ (12,'(A5,I6,A4,F5.2,A8,F5.1)')A,SNUMB,B,OGPA,C,OCC READ (12,'(A14,8F4.1)')D,C1,G1,C2,G2,C3,G3,C4,G4 *calculation to determine current and cumulative gpa's and close file OHP = OCC * OGPA NHP = (C1*G1)+(C2*G2)+(C3*G3)+(C4*G4) NCC = C1 + C2 + C3 + C4
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Unformatted text preview: CURGPA = NHP/NCC CUMGPA = (OHP + NHP)/(OCC+NCC) CLOSE(12) *print off gpa values to user print'(A13,F5.2/A16,F5.2)','CURRENT GPA =',CURGPA, + 'CUMULATIVE GPA =',CUMGPA END---------------------------------------------Chaos Problem: Program Chaos Real x0,y0,x1,x2,x3,y1,y2,y3,x,y,MP1,MP2 Integer seed,i,n x1 = 0. y1 = 0. x2 = 1. y2 = 0. x3 = 0.5 y3 = 0.866 print*,'enter x and y coordinates for the initial point and + enter how many points need to be displayed' read*, x0,y0,n OPEN (unit=24,file='chaos.txt') *random number generator generates random numbers between 0 and 1 seed=12345 do 10 i=1,n seed=seed*3 x=rand(seed) IF((x.GT.0.).AND.(x .LE. 1./3.))THEN MP1 = (x1+x0)/2. MP2 = (y1+y0)/2. x0 = MP1 y0 = MP2 write(24,*) MP1,MP2 ELSEIF ((x .GT. 1./3.).AND.(x .LE. 2./3.))THEN MP1 = (x2+x0)/2. MP2 = (y2+y0)/2. x0 = MP1 y0 = MP2 write(24,*) MP1, MP2 ELSE MP1 = (x3+x0)/2. MP2 = (y3+y0)/2. x0 = MP1 y0 = MP2 write (24,*)MP1,MP2 ENDIF 10 continue CLOSE(24) END...
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HW5.1_solutions - CURGPA = NHP/NCC CUMGPA = (OHP +...

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