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1 MAE157 – Lightweight structures (Winter 09) Homework Assignment #2 Due in the dropbox on Friday, Jan 30 th Solve the four following problems. For each problem, provide a detailed explanation of all the steps involved. Problem 1 Problem 16.2, on page 496 from Megson’s book. Problem 2 Problem 16.4, on page 497 from Megson’s book. [ Hint : First calculate the moment distribution about the x and y axes, as a function of z . Then calculate the distribution of ! zz determined by M x ( z ) and M y ( z ) at every point in the cross-section. Finally plot the z distribution of
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Unformatted text preview: zz along points 1 and 2 in the cross-section.] Problem 3 Problem 16.5, on page 497 from Megson’s book. Problem 4 Problem 16.14, on page 501 from Megson’s book. [ Hint: The link exerts an unknown force on the beam along the x direction. This force will induce a moment on the beam. Assume that you know the force (e.g. call it T) and solve for the deflections u and v due to M x and M y . Finally, impose that u=0 at the free end (boundary condition exerted by the link and solve for T). Then you can easily calculate v max ....
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