Hmwrk+3 - L = 100 Ω(1 point 2 Compute the peak to peak...

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Homework set #3, due on January, 29, 4:00 pm Chapter 5, problems 12 and 13 (do not do the first circuit in figure D). AND For a rectangular wave input signal with a frequency of 1 Hz and amplitude 5 V, a current limiting resistor R = 1 , and a forward diode drop of 0.6 V: 1. Compute the peak to peak voltage ripple for C = 10 F, R
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Unformatted text preview: L = 100 Ω . (1 point) 2. Compute the peak to peak voltage ripple for C = 5 F, R L = 10 Ω . (1 point) 3. For a capacitor C = 1F, and an open-circuit load, what is the final DC voltage across the capacitor? Estimate the time required to charge the capacitor up to 95% of its final voltage drop. (2 points) V 1 V 2 V 3 R L C R...
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