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MAE180_syllabus_2009 - MAE180 ELECTRIC CIRCUIT AND...

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MAE180- ELECTRIC CIRCUIT AND INTERFACES Winter 2009 Catalog Data: The design of analog circuits based on lumped circuit elements. Analog circuits for interfaces of mechanical systems and data acquisition. Emphasis on operational amplifier circuit design. Prerequisite: MAE106. (Design units: 3) . Textbook: Diefenderfer, A. James and Holton, Brian E. Principles of Electronic Instrumentation 3 rd, Saunders College Publishing, 1994 . Lecture Topics: Circuit elements and analysis techniques Transients in RL and RC circuits Alternating current circuits, filters Diodes and diode applications: rectifiers, clippers, clampers Transistors: simple transistor model; typical transistor circuits Operational amplifiers: golden rules; typical op-amp circuits; departures from golden rules; noise models Interfaces with lab equipment: transducers, drivers, stepper motor Course Outcomes: Students will: Design and analyze electronic circuits used for instrumentation and to interface mechanical systems to data acquisition systems and computers. Design, analyze, construct, test, and evaluate analog and
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