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MAE180 Laboratory Project 2 Basic operational amplifier circuits EXPERIMENT #1: open loop test circuit. DESCRIPTION The physical package of an op-amp has more terminals than the 3-terminal symbol used in class to represent it. The figures below show the 8 pin, dual in line package (DIP) for the common LF411 op-amp, together with a typical connection diagram (inverting amplifier with a 10k potentiometer for correcting/trimming the input offset voltage) In this first op-amp lab we will ignore terminals 1 and 5 (used to eliminate offset voltages); terminal 8 is not used by this op-amp. The goals of this experiment are to make the basic connections of an op-amp, and demonstrate its very large open loop gain. LABORATORY EQUIPMENT Oscilloscope. Electronic teaching station. LabJack. Jumpers, 2 BNC cable, 2 alligator clip to BNC connector, One LF411 op-amp, two 8 pin DIP socket, one 1M resistors.
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