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MAE180 Laboratory Project 3 Departure from ideal op-amp performance. Peak detector. EXPERIMENT #1: input bias current. DESCRIPTION An important departure from the ideal op-amp model is the very small, but finite current that the inverting and non-inverting inputs sink/source. Wire the following circuit using an LF411 op- amp, and record the output with the LabJack. Use the station +12V and -12V voltage sources to power the op-amp. Use a jumper to implement the switch shown in the sketch. Start recording the output voltage when the switch is closed. Then open the switch and observe the output. Let the output increase until it asymptotes to a constant value. You can use the oscilloscope to debug the circuit before you start taking data with the DAQ card. Make sure to be properly grounded when you are in contact with the op-amp and while turning on/off the switch. MEASURE THE CAPACITANCE OF THE CAPACITOR WITH A MULTIMETER AND SAVE THIS VALUE. ANALYSIS OF DATA AND PRESENTATION OF RESULTS 1. Plot the output voltage as a function of time. The data should stretch from a time when the switch is closed, until the output voltage reaches a steady state. 2. Write the equation for the evolution of the output voltage. Draw a sketch to define and represent the variables of your model. Why does the output voltage change over time? Why does it change linearly with time?
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MAE180+Laboratory+Project+3 - MAE180 Laboratory Project 3...

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