Ballistic Pendulum

Ballistic Pendulum - Victor Liou Partner: Brian Kelly...

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Victor Liou Partner: Brian Kelly February 27, 2008 Ballistic Pendulum Abstract: In this experiment, we sought to test and verify conservation of energy and momentum. By using two experiments which related the equations of conservation of energy and momentum, + = + 12m MV2 m Mgh and = ( + ) vm V m M respectively, and velocity with respect to potential and kinetic energy, we were able to show that momentum and energy are conserved. In comparing parts one and two, I show that the average velocity of the ball after calculations is 6.14m/s and 6.29m/s. The standard deviations were .074 and .062 respectively. The error ranges for the maximum and minimum values were then, 6.016-6.344 and 6.138-6.422. Therefore, graphing this data shows that the error bars overlap and support the idea of conservation of momentum through relating energy equations consisting of velocity, gravity and mass. Theory: If a ball with mass m is launched with a certain velocity v at a pendulum bob of mass m2, the ball will lodge in the pendulum bob and the total mass, m+m2, will have a velocity V. At this velocity, the pendulum will rise to a height h which is the change in height from the center of mass of the bob before collision from the height after collision. The center of mass has been pre-located and is marked with a black line. We can use the equation + = + 12m MV2 m Mgh to solve for the velocity of the ball and bob, V, after impact. Furthermore, we can us the conservation of momentum equation
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Ballistic Pendulum - Victor Liou Partner: Brian Kelly...

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