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drama exam - Exam 2 Drama 1 Torvold's promotion to manager...

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Exam 2 Drama 1. Torvold’s promotion to manager of the bank is the subject of discussion at the very beginning of A Dolls House. 2. Nora being afraid her father will find out is not part of her dilemma stemming from her loan from Krogstad. 3. Dr. Rank informs Nora of his final fatal diagnosisby a black cross on a card 4. Miracle plays took place during the Dark Ages as plays that dramatized the lives of saints. 5. Macaroons are the sweet that Nora is forbidden to eat 6. Eugene O’Neil wrote “the saddest play ever written” which was A Long Day’s Journey 7. A well defined resolution does not exist in A Doll House 8. The Crucible by Miller deals with the House-Un-American Activities Committee. 9. In Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman has been hiding a rubber hose in the cellar from his family. 10. Arthur Miller is known for showing the “dark side of the American Dream.” 11. Clifford Odets started the Federal Theatre Project. 12. A similarity between Death of a Salesman and A Doll House is the dialogue is realistic. 13. A Streetcar Named Desire, a Tennessee Williams’ play was originally entitled The Poker Night. 14. The most important thing to Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman is not integrity, honesty or fidelity but instead it is being well liked. 15. Death of a Salesman and The Glass Menagerie do not have set designs of objective realism, subjective naturalism, selective naturalism, and post modern. 16. “The changes did not take place overnight, but as new theatres were built in the early
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drama exam - Exam 2 Drama 1 Torvold's promotion to manager...

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