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Engineering 6 Study Guide for Midterm Exam Protocol: Coverage: Through Section 6.3 (p. 124) of the lecture notes. See details below. No headphones, calculators or other electronic devices allowed. Photo ID may be required. There may be assigned seating (you will receive your seat assignment when you enter the exam room, which is the lecture room). Closed book and notes, except for one double-sided, 8½ x 11 sheet of notes allowed. You may write or print whatever you wish on this sheet, either in longhand or using a word processor and printer, but you must be able to decipher it without the use of a magnifying glass or other optical aid. No scantron forms or other paper will be needed. The exam will probably consist of 5 problems and will last 50 minutes. Sample exam problems and their solutions are posted on the course website. The following outline lists the topics that may be covered on the exam. With one or two exceptions (e.g., the onion diagram and the von Neumann diagram), the details for each topic may be found in the lecture notes. The best way to prepare for the exam is to study the lecture notes carefully, including the examples, and know the homework assignments "backwards and forwards." The example scripts reviewed in class (many of which are in the lecture notes) are also posted on the website. Section 1. Engineering Problem Solving The five-step problem-solving process The importance of comments Computing software
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